Mike Rowland & Michael Maloney -《Fom Angels to Lovers》[MP3!]

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简介: 专辑中文名: Fom Angels to Lovers艺术家: Mike Rowland Michael Maloney资源格式: MP3发行时间: 1995年地区: 英国简介:
听到这样一张专辑的时候,不得不惊异,竟然也有这样的专辑,这样音乐表现形式,也许你发现了13首曲子都是同一个名字,对的,没错。更或许说它根本就是一首,在整个过程中,都弥漫着Mike Rowland 发挥到极点的冥想音乐,还有Michael Maloney那深邃的诗人般的吟诵,那是一种令人静穆的音乐景象。
Inspired by visions of the Angelic realm, by dreams of gothic intensity, by lovers trysts and separations, these compositions provide a bridge to other realms, a one-way ticket into the haunting realms of love, sensuality and visionary revelation.
Through dreamlike images and the beauty of music and poetry, one enters a mystical labyrinth - a kingdom that reveals the power of light and innocence. Here music of a sublime, calm intensity is blended with poetry in the tradition of the great Romantic Poets.
Michael Maloney s expressive, majestic voice is perfect for this experience, granting the listener a glimpse into a world rich with inconsolable beauty, calm passion and an unending vortex of inspiration.
All music composed, arranged and performed by Mike Rowland. Poetry recited by Michael Maloney, selected from books Luminarium and Gothic Dream by Carmen Willcox. The music by Mike Rowland featured on this album is also available as Mystic Angel.

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